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curious, like, los angeles or san diego, how many of that 2.5 million are down there. >> 21 [inaudible]. >> bay area's nine counties that touch the bay. >> that's bigger, that's definitely not san francisco. >> that's for how many areas for how many placards are in there. i could definitely get those. >> i'm just curious and why there's a difference. >> we have gotten requests and comments from other major jurisdictions about what we're doing so la, san diego, san jose are quite itly monitoring us, letting us be the first-out of the gate with the recommended changes. we will be presenting later to the accessible parking what they can tell us about blue placards in los angeles city, los angeles county, san diego city, county, sacramento city, county. we can ask for that too. >> thank you. >> i did hear the stats for sacramento county once and it was similarly mind boggling. a lot of other cities have been struggling with this in california. >> i just want to let you know that the vice chair of california commission on disability access and he has let me know that he's interested in
in los angeles and new york city starting this weekend. they will expand to other years. >>> google has filed an electronic pattern to a smart phone in the pocket and it can be used in busy streets and crowded restaurants and it could also measure and act like like a fend investigators. he is looking for what richie incognito continually and he said he did not intend. >> this is not an issue of and this is an issue not about bullying but an issue of that i have taken stuff too far and i don't know i was hurting him. >> they suspended him after the issue occurred and it is not shore how long how strong it is. >>> utilities across the state, they are spraying silver eye tied to increase snow fall. >>> we had a lot of low clouds now giving way toll high and mid-level clouds and it is kind of main clouds but you can see where it is driving. we and if we -- if we get rain it will be in mendocino county and i have outed some projections until the 22nd and it is dry in the 2 and 1959, three of those four and it makes since you get back to back not terrible but we'll see plenty much time to go.
. in los angeles, home to the largest filipino population in the united states, a call to prayer. and call to action. >> we need to get the nation. >> reporter: at this church a fund-raiser was already planned to help with the earthquake in the filipino nation. now they have a long ways to go. >> they're a third world country so they don't have the things we here in the united states have. >> for many the typhoon affects family members back in the philippines. >> my uncle and mother were talking to their cousins and the last they heard was on friday. the only news they said is that one of my other uncles' houses was completely gone, completely destroyed. >> the storm impacted at least 2 million people and forced some 800,000 evacuations. the area has left devastation, leaving those cut off. >> if our families are okay, i think about those whose lives have been altered dramatically because of this. >> now, even the most basic supplies are needed, things like soap and toothbrushes and canned goods. the biggest challenge for relief workers will be getting to the areas that have been hardest h
with the struggling u.s. postal service. immediately effect in the new york and los angeles areas. the rest of the country that following year. the ceo says the number one. stir for five years citing a tougher than expected market for electric vehicles. they have already sold over 120,000 electric cars in the past five years. or than any other manufacturer. -- more than any other manufacturer. and new products for online shoppers just in time for the holidays during a german company has unveiled a royal baby look- alike chris and george -- christened george. it is not a replica. it is just a new doll to commemorate his birth. about 57 yours for euros if you are interested. >> thanks. that was the day's business news. time now for a tour. september, they visited a host of locations with extreme characters on the tunisian island of turbo. this monday, they bring us the reports from tunis. >> you join us in tunis, capital of the country at the forefront of the arab revolt. there have been divisions and anxiety over where the country is headed. the barbed wire remains at the epicenter of tunisi
of modernist cuisine at the bizarre restaurant in los angeles. and is one of many chefs experimenting with new ways to cook. >> so now here we have what is called a liquid all. >> i have never heard of it. it's such a different and unique look the way it's presented. >> liquid olives, how about stake cooked in a bath or juice made in a centrifuge. let's look at cooking two about the zero. >> the centrifuge has been around forever, it's only in the past couple of years where people are pushing the envelope. >> wow. >> there is no doubt new york has great food. but here in china town, the real culinary advances come from the lab, not the kitchen. dave arnold is a chef. kent is a chemistry professor at nyu. and together -- >> fire! >> they make stuff happen. ♪ ♪ >> how does the collaboration between a chemist and a chef, how does that happen? >> i think one of the misperceptions about scientists and chefs working tote is that we always want to create something bizarre, strange, and kind of scary. ♪ ♪ >> we literally raided kept's lab and we are like we haven't used that yet. let's use it.
this in the company across los angeles and all of san francisco. in support with david and staff at human rights commission, we have been able to launch the san francisco clinic to help people of color in san francisco. today we come together to remember the march on washington. we must remember this march was a call for action, a call for justice and equality and better future for all. the lawyers continue to reach that call to protect and promote civil rights. as we move forward today, we must remember the sacrifices made by those to create one for us and remember our duty to future generations to continue to fight for equity and civil rights for all. thank you. [ applause ] >> so, the youth commission did want to share with us that they have several resolutions that have been issued regarding summer jobs and urging the city to do more employment for youth and they have been doing a lot of work and wanting to make sure the youth center has the at some point to go outside and have recreation and have access to the yard and to also urging jpd to e equip the yard so there are things for the youth
... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> welcome to al jazeera america, i'm del walters. these are the stories that we're following for you. america pays tribute to its veterans president obama laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery in remembrance of those who have served. >>> trying to get aid to the survivors of at a phenomenon haiyan in the wake of the devastation there. >>> and talks over iran's nuclear program ends without agreement, and now some are talking about even tougher
precio. la selecciÓn de nueva zelanda en la ciudad de los angeles clive nai. antes de llegar a suelo azteca. donde este miÉrcoles enfrentara a la selecciÓn mexicana. en el partido de ida. recuerde que nosotros. tendremos cobertura completa por las cadenas, la Última >>> 11 de la maÑana pacÍfico. se lesionÓ en el partido y fue sustituido. el argentino serÁ evaluado para conocer la gravedad de su lesiÓn. >>> la liguilla se jugara el 23 de este mes asÍ quedÓ. amÉrica contra tigres. santos contra gallos leÓn contra morelia y cruz azul contra los diablos rojos de toluca. gracias y Échele un ojal traje de baÑo que lucio la miss universo, la bella venezolana marÍa is lehr posÓ para una sesiÓn de fotos el particular baÑo dor con un valor de un millÓn de dolares tiene bordadas piedras preciosas, como rubÍes, esmeraldas y diamantes. >>> viajÓ protegido por la guardia armada hasta su destino en moscÚ co confeccionaron el traje famoso y la lÍnea de bikinis y tri queens que utilizaron las concursandos en esta ediciÓn. >>> un desfipilfarro. >>> gracias por acompaÑarnos. >>
. amazon is trying out the new service in los angeles and new york first before it expands to other cities next year. the postal service is exploring similar deals with other retailers. >> it doesn't make sense they are not doing it here. >> we are the technology center. >> absolutely. i have been looking outside but it is not a clear picture. we will show you what is going on. the storm system is still suching off to the west and notice where the low is. inis to the northwest where the energy is going. the high clouds are here but most the radar runs are near portland and seattle. a closer view of what is going on and you can see the high clouds dominating our weather. they will hang around if the better part of the afternoon with mid-level clouds locked in. the fog is dissipateing and now the lowest visibility is four in oakland and hayward but it slowed down the temperatures. we are still 48 at napa and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's until san ramon, san jose, at 60, and 61 in los gatos and fairfield and antioch at 62. this is how it looks from the east bay hills looking to t
and another high record in tahoe. yesterday it was 62, tying the record. 78 in los angeles. 72 in san diego. typhoon haiyan is now a tropical storm with the wins falling apart dropping to 75 miles per hour. it will head to the most and fall apart. this could be the last time we talk about it as it will just bring heavy rain to southeast china. leyla gulen? >> we have 31 bart trains running on time with no ace rain but everyone else is running on a normal schedule. however, we could see lighter traffic this morning because of the veteran's day holiday. it is not so light north of fairfield as i take you to westbound 80 at the parkway we have a serious wreck involving an overturned vehicle. two lanes are blocked. if you are headed out of vacaville, watch out. if san jose, we have clear conditions away from 17 in the background with a few folks out there. >> this morning, the european space agency says it does not appear the one ton research satellite caused any damage when re-entering theth's -- the earth's atmosphere. it fell apart when it reached earth after running out of fuel. it landed i
cars in los angeles. it happened wednesday night in northridge. someone breck into a garage and made off with several vehicles, including this 1972 black dodge charger owned by kenny wayne shepard, the garage and shepard really want that one in particular back. >> i don't know what you'd do with that car other than part it out. it's a one-off. there aren't anymore like it. it's really a distinctive car. we really want it back. >> two of the stolen cars, a bmw and a van, have been found, but there's still no sign of the charger. >>> ac transit riders who take the bus between east bay and san francisco will get to do so on new buses. the first of these new 40-foot transbay commuter buses went interest service last week. all of them have high-back seats, wi-fi, overhead luggage racks and reading lights. the buses are made right here in the bay area. in hayward. >> up next at 6:00, how the niners honored vets today at candlestick park. >>> a look at the changes we could see to the weather this week. meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast. >> special teams and defense gave the raider
. >> the such it on tonight for whoever stole several valuable collector cars in los angeles. it happened wednesday night in northridge. someone breck into a garage and made off with several vehicles, including this 1972 black dodge charger owned by kenny wayne shepard, the garage and shepard really want that one in particular back. >> i don't know what you'd do with that car other than part it out. it's a one-off. there aren't anymore like it. it's really a distinctive car. we really want it back. >> two of the stolen cars, a bmw and a van, have been found, but there's still no sign of the charger. >>> ac transit riders who take the bus between east bay and san francisco will get to do so on new buses. the first of these new 40-foot transbay commuter buses went interest service last week. all of them have high-back seats, wi-fi, overhead luggage racks and reading lights. the buses are made right here in the bay area. in hayward. >> up next at 6:00, how the niners honored vets today at candlestick park. >>> a look at the changes we could see to the weather this week. meteorologist leigh glaser has the fo
america" was presented by kcet, los angeles. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> wooduff: a city wiped out, untold numbers dead, survivors desperate for aid, but that aid's been slow to come. the scale of devastation in the typhoon-ravaged central philippines is only now becoming clearer. good evening i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. also ahead, iran agreed today on a u.n. road map that would allow for the inspection of key nuclear sites. but there is not yet a broader agreement on how to freeze iran's nuclear program. margaret warner reports. >> wooduff: and from san francisco this veterans day, the story of a college program-- one of only a handful nationwide-- helping soldiers overcome the scars of war. >> i don't care if you've got 1,300 vets like we do, or 30
and los angeles next weekend. and it will begin in dallas, houston, new orleans, and phoenix next year. a postal service spokeswoman calls the deal a win-win. postal officials are now exploring similar agreements with other retailers. >>> today on wall street, stocks are holding at a record high, right now, you can see the dow is up about 16 points. and the market is continuing a climb that started friday, following an unexpectedly strong u.s. jobs report. however, overall trading is light. as bond markets are closed for veterans day. >>> police in new york believe an ousted rock musician shot and killed his three band mates before taking his own life. the victims were part of an indie grouped called the yellow dogs based out of brooklyn. another band member was shot in the arm but he managed to call the police. when the officers arrived they found the dead victims lying on the floor of a home and the presumed shooter dead on the roof. police suspect the shooting was the result of a dispute over money. >>> two more high-ranking navy officers are on leave after being implicated in an al
. >> they are in the philippines as well helping with the recovery efforts as well and they left los angeles, you can see some of the devastation, military planes are helping evacuate people and bringing in supplies, they are coordinating search and rescue efforts, providing medical age am. starbucks will give a free brewed coffee all day including red robins with unlimited french fries to veterans and you will need proof to take advantage of the deals. >>> they are making it easier to get to the post office. they will only one on nor avenue. stables is the first to team up in the expansion program. amazon has set up their own set up with the postal service and the program will expand other locations next year and it is devised to help the already struggling postal service. >>> target plans to stay open for 27 hours closing on the night after thanksgiving. the retailer will offer hundreds of online deals thanksgiving morning including all the bargains will see. a new study shows they are studying abroad and those hundreds of thousands of chinese students have helped push the numbers of students studying in am
years before the preparedness day bombing. the los angeles times was blown up by iron workers because harrison ottis was so anti union. >> reporter: in that atmosphere it was easy to convince that muney was responsible. at his trial for murder, witnesses against muney told what were later exposed as lies. john mcdonald testified he saw billings and muney at the scene of the explosion with a suitcase. he later recounted. this is miley edo and his daughter claim to have seen muney too. later it was proved that they would have had to be at two places at the same time about a mile apart. they said they were present in one place but spiritually present in t other. >> we know for sure he was innocent first because there was a photograph taken with muney in it before the bomb went off a mile and a half away from where it happened. >> reporter: the photo shows muney at a building window with a clock in the photo. he could not have arrived at the bomb scene on time. but the jury never saw that photo. judge franklin griffin decided it was not admissible. the testimony against him fell apart a
for their freedom. joining us from los angeles, jake jacobs, a medal of honor recipient. colonel jacobs, good morning. thank you so much for joining us on veterans day. thank you for waking up early with us. >> thanks for having me on. >> you served in vietnam and received a congressional medal of honor. you recently went back. and many veterans return to the battlefield to find peace. is that what you found when you returned? >> i found a dramatically changed vietnam. in saigon, for example, which had been rather seedy, even before colonial days, the city was awash with mercedes, rolex stores, all for the international clients, business people who come to develop business with vietnam. 3 1/2 hours south of saigon, where i fought, we went by van. and found -- i found a vietnam that had not changed at all. the rural part of vietnam looked pretty much the same as it had more than 40 years ago when i fought there. the odd thing was that it didn't feel the same. principally because nobody was shooting at me. but the paths and the roads were all full of people. the place looked the same as it had
behind this. apparently the guy, starbucks guy, brody ryan, was at a starbucks in los angeles, saw a cute girl. apparently her name, piper kennedy. a model. she gave him her phone number. he then sent her this video. the reason, the #starbucks right hand started going around. in the background, you could hear a drake song called "hold on we're going home." it started showing up everywhere. brody ryan got his 15 minutes of fame. brody ryan has written a song about his 15 minutes. ♪ you know dam well we ain't ever had no -- ♪ who would have thought about the man with starbucks hand ♪ >> this is available at brody >> the lyrics, it is all about the event. ♪ >> if you listen at the beginning, he says, we never have coffee. we have brody ryan via skype. welcome to the show. >> how are you all? thank you so much for having me. >> you say at the beginning of the song, you guys didn't really have coffee. what's the real story? >> the real story is i met her on tender, a social discovery app. i ended up giving her my phone number. we had some conversations via text messages and e
. it will start coming this weekend in new york and los angeles. amazon announced the deal with the u.s. postal service today. it includes expanding to dallas, houston and gnarl-- new orleans. >>> well, could black friday soon be obsolete? argument -- target is the latest retailer announcing they will open earlier. it's one hour earlier than last year. many are pushing their in-store sales to thanksgiving day rather than waiting until friday. right now kmart is opening 6:00 in the morning on thanksgiving day. ?ie want to start off with a lock at maryland's most powerful radar. things are clear but that's getting ready to change and change in big way. you can see what happens basically as we go through the overnight hours still relatively dry but changes as we go through the mid-morning hours. rain showers with snow showers on the back side. flipping over quickly through that morning commute, we don't anticipate real accumulations here because ground temps should be above 40 degrees. the air temp in the upper 30s but wintry showers. it's going to make for a tough morning commute. rain showers m
.s. post office, the service started this past weekend in new york and los angeles. amazon says it hopes to have sunday delivery in many parts of the u.s. by early next year. >>> is the desktop become a shopping dinosaur? online sales from pcs rose 13% in the third quarter. that is down from 16% in the previous three months, meantime mobile e-commerce sales jumped 27%. come score says internet devices account for more percentage of online purchases. zak's investment services thank you for being on the program. >> thanks tony. >> we have seen record highs and today a couple of days last week as well, is this a sign that people think the economy is actually pretty good? >> you know, this is very -- it's a question, it's more philosophical than anything. i always get a kick out of the analysts that come on and quote a bunch of numbers. you can't compare now to any time in the past. a lot of people say this economic recovery has been abusy plal, but i think rks -- abysmal. but they are up 4% year over year. revenues which means sales are increasing, but you know what tony at the end of the d
in new york or los angeles, beginning this weekend, whatever you order from amazon could arrive at your doorstep on a sunday with the help of the u.s. postal service. a u.s. p.s. spokesperson said while the amount of mail shipped has declined, package shipments which are more profitable, are increasing. the postal service is looking to form similar agreements with other retailers. it really gives it a chance to get a leg up on ups and fed ex, which do not deliver on sundays. >> is this going to cost customers a lot more? >> so it's not going to cost customers extra. you're not going to be charged extra to get the delivery on sunday, but if you're an amazon prime member, which does come with an annual fee, you can place ordered as late as friday to get your orders on sunday. as the sunday shipping starts to roll out, keep in mind it's only available in new york and l.a. at first, but the company does expect to expand the service to dallas and houston, new orleans, and phoenix next year. wolf. >> all right, we'll see how it goes in new york and los angeles first. in the other cities as we
. first, a tacloban, an island city in eastern philippines, more than 7,000 miles west of los angeles. this was a thriving port community filled with tightly-packed buildings and thick trees. now the buildings are shards of plastic and metal ask the trees blown flag to the ground. a cargo ship on the ground. now, to an eastern town with large fishing community. it's on a small peninsula that was no match for the storm's deadly surge. we have satellite picture of this seaside neighborhood. the coast, lined with docks and small boats, and look now. the typhoon tore the docks apart, board by board. the boats now upside-down in the water, just about every home is missing its roof. we're live now in manila. tell it what you have seen. actually, we just -- the connections are very difficult, and i just got word we lost that connection. we'll work to get it back in just a moment. here's just a few ways you can help with this devastation. the unites nations world food program will send more than 40-tons of energy bars and will work with the philippine government to help with emergency managem
. >> it is belief and nonbelief throwing these people together. more than 400 atheists packed into a los angeles auditorium on what is a sunday service. no mention of god. they started this atheist mega church movement. they launched a campaign to have 10 new sunday assembly congregations in the u.s. they hope to raise 80,000 dollars in donations. i am not a racist. for the first time a miami dolphins player of the nfl scandal gives his side of the story. ritchie incognito was suspended indefinitely by the team for bullying jonathan martin. fox sports jay glazer says the week before the allegations started flying martin sent him a text message said he would murder incognito's entire family. he knew the text was a joke and part of the football culture. >> what i want people to know is the way jonathan and the rest of the line how we communicate, it is vulgar, it is not right. when the words are put in the context i understand why eyebrows get raised but people don't know how john and i communicate to one another. >> martin is expected to meet with the nfl investigators later this week. >>> sunday
. amazon is trying the service out if los angeles and new york before it expands to other cities next year. the postal service is exploring partnerships with other retailers. >> wisconsin man surprised his future wife with a very special proposal over the weekend. he arranged a flash mob. when they finished he came to the center stage and sang to his girlfriend dropping to a knee and popping the question. show said "yes." thankfully after you pull out the stops like this, she better say she. katie is glad the family was this to share the moment and seat proposal, too. >> flash mob, you cannot say no just based on the way he sings. that is a good voice there. >> i thought so, too. >> i thought they should have matching cheeseheads. >> at least it wasn't the frozen tundra there yesterday. it is today. the snow is just moving to the south and ending as we speak. i love watching football when it is snowing. we missed out. through minneapolis, or chicago, there is a possibility of wet weather so check ahead. at home it is quiet overren that the fog. we have high clouds and that will be our afte
halfway around the world. in pittsburgh neighbors gathering medical supplies. in los angeles u.s. veterans setting out for the storm zone to try to help on the ground. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moren is on the ground to get help there fast. terry. >> reporter: dawn is just coming up here at the military base in manila. this is going to be one of the main staging areas for the massive relief effort under way so desperately needed. take a look at this photo from the disaster zone, children holding up signs pleading for food, water, help of any kind. right now it's the u.s. marines doing the heavy lifting. they have five giant cargo aircraft like this one right behind me and 215 marines in the initial deployment carrying all kinds of supplies, forklifts, generators, water, medical supplies, food. sanitation and hygiene supplies as well to fight the looming public health crises that faces this country. the usaid has pledged $20 million. the united nations sending out a flash appeal for help around the world. make no mistake, they understand that every hour counts. diane? >> monit
in generators, as well as food and water. >> reporter: here in los angeles, a group called team rubicon, made up of mostly military veterans has just sent a crew of 15 to help in the relief effort. this is their operations center, where they have also been mapping out the damage in the philippines, to determine to go. >> we'll likely work ourselves out into the rural area. >> reporter: jake wood is leading team rubicon's efforts. >> they'll begin doing search and rescue efforts, as well as local triage. >> reporter: the group is already planning to send in a second team to deal with the overwhelming devastation. teresa garcia, wjz eyewitness news. >> you can help the victims of the philippines typhoon. catholic relief services is taking your donations now. call them at 1-877--help-crs. or go to their website, >>> here in maryland, we are getting ready for our first taste of real winter-like weather. a bitter blast of arctic air, along with a chance of snow showers. just over the horizon. wjz is live over the first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram and bob turk a
appointed last week is going to be speaking to jonathan martin later this week in los angeles. jonathan martin is said to have detailed pages and pages and pages of notes detailing what he believes are instances of harassment. and it will be up to ted wells to determine whether or not that actually happened in the dolphins locker room. one of the key unanswered questions was there a code red. were the dolphins players ordered to toughen up jonathan martin? we don't have that answer this morning. >> we may, as the investigation goes forward, jonathan martin waiting until then to tell his side of the story. back to incognito for a moment. the remarks he made, how will that impact his future? >> his contract is up after this year. teams are waiting to see how the case will turn out. right now, he's suspended for conduct detrimental right now. the dolphins have no plans to bring him back at the time. it will be difficult for him to get back into the league. still, a lot left to be told in this particular story. >> certainly is. adam, thank you. >> thank you, robin. >>> to josh with the othe
people won't have an opportunity. >>> really quickly, in the last 15 seconds here, los angeles has decided to stop giving some schools in los angeles, to stop giving students ipads because the students hacked them and getting on to websites they are not supposed to get on to. i'm not really surprised. >> me either. i'm not really >>> this morning on "world news >>> this morning on "world news now," typhoon tragedy. that's the plea from storm survivors in the philippines. the biggest made it for the red cross. >>> deadly attack. questions at a wildlife refuge after a worker was mauled by a cougar. what went wrong? >>> look out. a european satellite runs out of energy and is speeding toward the earth. how the threat prosecute space ended a few years ago. >>> stay tuned for more on lady g&a in "the skinny" and "the skinny bonus round" on this monday, november 11th. >>> good morning. it is a federal holiday. it's veterans day. so that means no mail today. banking institution will be open. but lots of schools and businesses are also closed. >> hats off to all the veterans for sure. >> a
coast for hillary clinton's visit. >> whoo! >> from los angeles to northern california, everybody seemed to be waiting for the same thing. was she going to give any hints about her plans for 2016? >> we just wanted to show that she has the support that she needs to run for office whenever she decides. >> she is looking quite presidential, i might say. so i believe there was a lot of hints. >> people started chanting "just say yes, just say yes" but she didn't give a direct answer. >> let's look at some of what's behind the talk of inevitability. of course the fund-raising prowess, the organization, the early endorsements. but that's what everybody thought in 2008. and a new republic piece asks the provocative question is hillary's nightmare a democratic party that realizes its soul lies with elizabeth warren. let me bring in jonathan allen, and a politics reporter for the "washington post." good morning. >> good morning. >> so let's start with hillary because she's touring the country doing speaking engagements. she's racking up political chips. let me read this piece. anyone who lived t
have now been accounted for. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> aditi, thank you. >>> and on this veterans day weekend, a touching tribute to a group of remarkable american heroes, known as the doolittle raiders. the 80 men risked their lives, turning the tide in world war ii in a bombing missional of japan, more than 70 years ago. only four men are still alive, three attending this weekend's reunion. toasting the event in silver goblets. the other 76 goblets turned upside down, honoring those raiders no longer with us. >>> and a special honor for america's 38th president. the nation's newest aircraft carrier, the uss gerald ford, was christened this weekend. president ford's daughter susan doing the traditional honor, smashing a bottle of sparkling wine against the carrier. the uss gerald ford will be the lead ship in the navy's next class of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. >>> much more ahead on "world news" this sunday night. remember this? believe it or not, there's something else hurtling towards earth tonight. and it's not a meteorite. the giant satellite
... >> seattle bureau... >> washington... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> the reasons for infant mortality are complex, but what everyone agrees is that poverty plays a part. the rates are worst in the cities of the south and the "rust belt" with their legacies of economic collapse and racial division. and one of the hardest hit cities is cleveland. >> here, the unemployment rate for whites is around 6%. for african americans, the number is almost three times higher. >> like many cities across america, the sight of boarded up businesses and devastated neighborhoods is something that's become increasingly common. but what's remarkable about cleveland is that it also happens to be the worst city in the entire united states for infant mortality. >> in cleveland, there are neighborhoods where the infant mortality rate is worse than that of countries such as guatemala, botswana. and even north korea. >> eric price is a lifelong cleveland resident. he says the scale of the problem is a product of liv
might soon be able to bring water bottles on their flights. wouldn't that be nice? the los angeles times reports the european union has decided to ease its carry-on restrictions. allowable items will include shampoos as well as some aerosols and gels. next year, heathrow airport will start using screening devices made by an ohio company to detect any explosive materials in bottles. the faa has not said if it will follow suit. let's keep our fingers crossed. the times said they're looking into several technologies to scene liquids. >> all right, tonight, the miami dolphins hit the field for monday night football, minusico martin. martin walked away from the team last month. incognito has been suspended indefinitely as the nfl investigates allegations that he bullied martin. now we're hearing incognito's side of the story. he sat down with fox sports' jay glazer and said this is a big misunderstanding and the vulgar messages to martin, wem, they came from a place of love. >> this isn't an issue about bullying. this is an issue of mine and john's relationship where i have taken stuff too fa
you? >> this is new york, los angeles, they think it will move to dallas, new york, phoenix next year. with le see how it works and whether, you, too, can order something on friday and have it on sunday. >> i wonder what it will be. >> our must see moment today in honor of vet an's day. show them the skills? they go beyond heros on the battlefield. this was a celebration of the u.s. marine corps 238th birthday saturday. can you hear billy jeans, michael jackson in the background, in a word, spectacular. the guy in the white pants feels a fancy drop, shuffling on the dance floor. if you watch long enough, there is talent. one of the other goes, oh, no, i'm not letting you go out this way. >> this way. >> music. >> waiting for the video. >> oh my good ness. so we thought we'd show you showing them having a moment. >> thankfully, no cameras were on. >> guess the back move. >> you should see christine's move. >> it's crazy on a monday. >> i'm going for the slide step. just when you to the they couldn't be more impressive. >> even in those stiff uniforms. coming up next on "new day," he's
ownership in cities around the country. so, for example, in places like new york or los angeles or other big media markets, there are rules that prohibit big media companies from owning too many media outlets across media. so, for example, newspapers, television stations, etc. and the fcc is currently working to reform the media ownership rules. and, of course, a lot of the big media companies advocate relaxes the restrictions so that they're able to own more outlets in a given market. but members of the public interest community have traditionally argued for what's referred to as diversity or localism, more local independent stations. so there really is a tension. so, yes, that's going to be a big issue for chairman here, for sure. >> host: well, another issue that she discussed at his -- that he discussed at his confirmation hearing was on fcc processes. here's a little bit of the new chairman. >> there are so many components of the effect of the auction that you have to say that auction is a top priority. but on a more mega scale, i've spent a lot of time dealing with the fcc in my life,
to customers in the new york and los angeles area public spee and next year. amazon will pay the post office for the extra labor. with a host of tax incentives to do business the government said it will halt secure thousands of jobs building the next it jetliner. they now don't expire through 2014. prosecutors go after bank of america collecting in to 50 more sluggish $54 million last month the jury required bank of america to be liable for the bad home loans the the whole of asia but the bank says the government is inflating the numbers. still too, would you like your coffee? information and the airlines have but what do they do with it? ♪ ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy cos to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. customer erin swenson ordebut they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy retur, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered anoth
, we're looking for a mostly sunny sky, southwesterly wind to 20. high of about 54. los angeles, 75 tomorrow. we've got snow in chicago at 43 degrees. new york's got sunshine and 54. overnight lows tonight, we're looking at upper 40s and the lower 50s. for the bay area tomorrow, san jose at 73 degrees. cupertino at 71. santa clara, 69. in the east bay still in the low 70s tomorrow. and in san francisco, 62. we do get some sun. i sound pretty terrible, don't i? >> you do. >> the extended forecast, we've got the rain coming in to the north bay on monday night. it'll spread south on tuesday morning to about the golden gate. and then away it goes. later half of the week, plenty of sunshine and chilly temperatures at night. >> yeah. >> as you can see there. you did very well. >> everybody has to tune in tonight at 11:00 on kpix 5 to see if he has any voice left. >> that'll be exciting. >>> cute overload with a group of baby pandas learning a valuable lesson. well, they are trying, anyway. ,, when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl)
are closed today. no mail delivery. but the new york stock exchange is open as are some banks. >>> los angeles got an early start holding the veterans day parade yesterday. bands and spectators turned out to honor all the vets. ♪ >>> all right, that was the sound of san francisco, as thousands gathered along market street. this yoear's parade marked 60 years since the end of the korean war. >>> turning to today's weather. it will be sunny and dry in the south. light snow from montana, northeast wyoming, showers for parts of washington, oregon, and northwest california. >> it will feel like winter in the upper mid west. temperatures up to 20 degrees colder than normal. >>> a popular diet pill being pulled from the shelves. the serious health concerns now being linked to it. >>> and breaking his silence. the football player at the center of a bullying scandal is telling his side of the story. why he says everyone has the wrong idea about him. >>> and wild cat attack. we're learning much more about the woman that died at an animal sanctuary and her dedication to big cats. >>> stocks hav
with recovery efforts. volunteers left los angeles yesterday and military planes are used to help evacuate and help with supplies. they are providing search and rescue efforts and providing medical aid and food and water. >> they are trying to determine how many stores are involved in a major recall. the meals were manufactured by glass onion kitchener and they sold them even to trader joe's where they are recalling all of their food. other salads and wraps being recalled are sold under the delish and fine foods names. >> it is scary because you trust where you are buying your food and it is stressful because it is something you have to worry about on a regular basis. >> all of the salads and wraps, as many as 26 people have been sick ended from e-coli. now we have a full list and just go to the website and click on the health on a science tab. >>> something just happened in san francisco. it is an injury crash southbound 101, now we have seen the delay go from a small delay to a big delay and we have issued a sig alert which is not a mystery. it is just chp code talk for special alert and
risk will be made in new york and los angeles starting this weekend and the program will expand next year. the partnership is expected to help the financially struggling postal service as well as get the orders out quickly. they are thanking them to mark veterans day today including dennis which is all you can eat buttermilk pancakes. crispy cream donuts -- crispy cream donuts, proof of military service has to be provided. >>> investigators want to know how many stores are involved in a major recall of premade salads and wraps containing salad and chicken. it was sold to stores including trader joe's which recalled its salad with chilly lime chicken and the field fresh with grilled chicken. others are sold under the delish and fine foods names. we have a full list of the recall list, just go to news, and go to the health and science tab on our website. >>> it caused quite a distraction for drivers and as many as 200 drivers took part in this. police stopped some of the drivers and there is no word if any arrests were made. it has become a common occurrence especially on the weekends. or mail them to democracy now! p.o. box 693 new york, new york 10013. tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, a conversation with graham nash and two-time rock 'n .oll hall of fame inductee of theicipated in some most legendary excesses and has now written about those callednces in a new book "wild tales." we are glad you have joined us. a conversation with graham nash coming up right now. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. cofounder of crosby stills and nash, graham nash has been at the forefront of rock music. he has written a few more experiences, good and bad. quick reminder of how great those harmonies are. singinga clip of them "wooden ships." ♪ ♪ tavis: i guess one would expect a book written by a rock 'n roll star to have the obligatory chapters about sex and drugs. to be sure, that exists in the book. i expect in conversations that get to that.y will i will leave it to the other show host to dig that up. i don't know if we have the front and the back cover. contemporary graham nash. there is a fascina
as well. spirits are high in los angeles after 300 people took part in a fund-raising walk to raise money for those in need. collections taken at church services as well and reminders a dollar in the philippines can feed a person 10 meals, so obviously something to keep in mind with the perspectives of how much that money is needed over there right now. connell: i am sure a lot of people there still looking looking for their loved ones here this morning, right? >> they really are. a lot of people are having a hard time tracking down their friends and relatives in the philippines. one local church leader visiting still have not been heard from and his convocation includes 50 filipinos, so far they have not had any luck. people have not been able to track down their friends or relatives because the typhoon knocked out medicatio communican networks. that effort and more donations at the filipino in san francisco, all the other centers across the country today. back to you. connell: in terms of the storm itself, it has been downgraded to a tropical storm at this point making its way through s
announced the mailman will deliver on sundays. now, it starts this weekend. two customers in los angeles and new york. amazon says it will expand to a large portion of the u.s. population next year. it says it is starting with dallas, houston, new orleans and phoenix. we'll see where they go from there. amazon says it will continue to work with other shippers. but that the post office is the only one that delivers to every address in the country. and there will not be an extra fee for sunday deliveries. now, the postmaster general commented about the deal saying "as online shopping continues to increase, the postal service is very happy to offer shippers like amazon, the option of having packages delivered on sunday." his comments indicating that the agency is open to working with other retailers, e-tailers as well. amazon investors benefiting on the news. the stock is up more than $3 a share this morning. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> well, the u.s. postal service and staples have worked out a deal. staples will open post office retail counters in several stores, including the one
but for now it's only available for customers in los angeles and new york. >> the britain "telegraph" says a satellite broke up as it re-entered the atmosphere. it weighs about a ton. about 25% did reach the planet's surface but it's not clear where. no damage is reported. >> the ""los angeles times"" says liquids bans are been lifted. and u.s. officials are taking a look at the technology but the tsa says it's not ready to lift the ban yet in this country. >> "usa today" says obama will meet the oldest vet. richard is 107 years old. in 1942 he was in his 30s when he volunteered in the army and . >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by big lots!. surprising savings. every aisle, every day. >>> the miami dolphins player at the center of a scandal breaks his silence. >> my actions were coming from place of love. no matter how bad and how vulgar it sounds, that's how we communicate, that's how our friendship was. >> nfl insider james browned on richie inn cog knee toe's apology and the fallout from the front office. >>> what turned the typhoon into one of the biggest in histor
this weekend but for now it's only available for customers in los angeles and new york. >> the britain "telegraph" says a satellite broke up as it re-entered the atmosphere. it weighs about a ton. about 25% did reach the planet's surface but it's not clear where. no damage is reported. >> the ""los angeles times"" says liquids bans are been lifted. and u.s. officials are taking a look at the technology but the tsa says it's not ready to lift the ban yet in this country. >> "usa today" says obama will meet the oldest vet. richard is 107 years old. in 1942 he was in his 30s when he volunteered in the army and . >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by big lots!. surprising savings. every aisle, every day. >>> the miami dolphins player at the center of a scandal breaks his silence. >> my actions were coming from place of love. no matter how bad and how vulgar it sounds that's how we communicate, that's how our friendship was. >> nfl insider james browned on richie inn cog knee toe's apology and the fallout from the front office. >>> what turned the t
... >> washington... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> the queen of talk's yard sale was far from the garden variety event that you would see in your neighborhood. she unloaded her favorite things from her homes in hawai'i and california. the yard sale in santa barbara have by our count fetched more than $750,000 for her girl's academy in south africa. there were good deals, and on the other hand this chair got a bid for $1,100 six times its estimated worth. and this signed but unframed tv guide cover print of oprah was estimated to be worth $200 but sold for $3,000. for a picture you can get unframed for free. her autograph must have made a difference. and oprah is not the only celeb to hold a yard sale. pamela anderson and teri hatcher has held a yard sell with all profits going to charity. and tori spelling held a yard sell with all proceeds to go to--tori spelling. how big is the garage sale business nationwide? solid numbers are tough to find because most people are not keeping track and reporting
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